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Let's talk politics. Or not.


If you've made it this far, you're probably not my grandma. She's an incredibly intelligent woman and makes a mean raspberry-rhubarb pie, but I'm pretty sure she still thinks I put copyright symbols on things for a living. I'm also pretty sure recent technological advancements would have prevented her from knowing how to navigate to this page. 


I'm Talia.

I believe umbrellas are for the unprepared and preparing is for the umbrella-ed. I believe it's very worth crying over spilled milk, especially if you had Oreos on standby and that was the last of your milk.  And I'm not in Law School, but I do listen to The Daily podcast, so... pretty much the same thing. 


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American Dialogue - Joseph J. Ellis

Current Jams: ink and ice.

Photography Cred: Will Nielsen