The products of coffeewriting.

This page will be continually updated as the projects I work on become public facing.... you know, so I don't get sued or whatever.

Recent release:

No Child Sleeps Outside | Seattle Times | Sunday, November 18, 2018

Created new conceptual take on this project. From generic and expected to emotional and personal.

Design: Laura Dynan

Blonde Espresso.

A twist on the dark coffee / espresso game that Starbucks has always played so well.

I had the opportunity to be a part of the creative team working with 72 & Sunny LA on this project.

The outcome: a new take on a classic espresso.

Costco Dark Roast

I had the privilege (and trust placed in me, for some reason) of getting to write and name for the new Starbucks Costco Dark Roast coffee. 

The outcome: Vista Verde

Kati Kati Blend, Summer 2018 Update.

Worked closely with a designer to meld the copy and design cohesively for this summertime blend.

Here's another!

The ask: A gift certificate booklet for LATAM distribution. Keep the elevated Starbucks style.

Copy: Me

Design: Eva Grate

And another...

The ask: Write package copy for the new Been There Mug Series. Keep the copy adventurous and upbeat. Share it, keep it, own it.