Tai Pei

The product of great teamwork coming soon.

Eat When You Want.

Insight: Traditional eating habits are a thing of the past for young millennials.

We will leverage the idea that someone has been controlling the way we eat, and position Tai Pei at the forefront of the rise for freedom. 

Tai Pei can be the first frozen food brand to own the cultural shift in eating habits.

Tai Pei Manifesto Video



spray painted after one week at high traffic times by members of the Tai Pei Force

Late-night alley takeover

Tai Pei will create a series of late night alley takeovers to empower those that are out to eat when they want. Tai Pei will be cooked wok-style and those who enter will receive a dragon stamp on their hand and coupons for Tai Pei product to ensure that they remember the event. 

Pressure Sensing In Store Decals

Tai Pei vending machines dispense hot meals within                                                   Tai Pei will utilize the Comic Con app to empower those

2 minutes on community college campuses.                                                                who are waiting in line to eat when they want. Members 

                                                                                                                                        of the Tai Pei force will deliver food to their location.


Subway Stair Takeover

Tai Pei Twitter Upgrade

STRATEGISTS: Emma Pindell, Rachel Benner, Ben Neal, Benson Wink, Colleen Cass


MEDIA PEOPLE: James McAndrew, Hailey Geller, Emma Hyman, Cailin Wolfe, Ashley Graves

PRODUCERS: Key Higdon, Kyra Bailey

ART DIRECTORS / DESIGNERS: Emily LeClerc, Tucker Stosic, Jasmine Tran, Devyn Holbrook, Kevin Camacho

WRITERS: Mac Mullen, Tim Farah, Yours Truly