Whole Foods Market

If you’re looking for kale puns, you won’t find them here.

But you will find a hint of the writing I’ve done for Whole Foods Market as a Global Copywriter and Editor.

And, in the case that you might be curious, my favorite WFM item is Big John’s Chocolate Chip Cookie. Hands down.

Here’s some work that’s already public facing. Check back in soon. More work is on its way…

Siete + Topo Chico // Campaign

Siete is an Austin, TX, staple. Topo Chico is to Texans what water is to non-residents.

Together, they are perfect for a celebratory evening with family and friends — even if you’re vegan, gluten-free, grain-free, or alcohol-free.

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 3.54.55 PM.png

Art Direction: Sarah Farsh & Diego Portillo

Photography: CreativeDrive

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Instagram // Stories // Feature in Delish Deals

Twitter // Article & sale


What’s in-store

No… like, for real. This is what’s in our Whole Foods Market stores.

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May mailer // editorial feature

Articles & Recipes

From collaborating with culinary experts to editing tbsp back to its unabbreviated form, I learn a lot about writing and even more about food.

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Though not my usual professional platform, I get to jump in on social projects every now and then.


Regionally Targeted Emails

Specialized and tailored specifically to the region and its residents.

Pro tip: don’t underestimate how much thought should be put into a subject line.

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